Let our kitting experience and services become your assets

Our kitting team demonstrates highly effective delivery systems for cost optimization of your assembly. A thorough process of discovery leads to a simple, elegant solution. Experience has taught us to keep searching for that final fixture design or creative ergonomic advantage. Components and tools can be delivered to your line, or manufacturing cell, at the most complementary time. You can then realize the cost advantages while your employees enjoy smooth production techniques. Your assembly area can be presented with the right counts in segregated containers of your choice for your point of use. Thereby we enable accurate inventory control.

Additionally, components can be ergonomically arranged to optimize production rates. Simple returnable Velcro methods can group some components. More complex issues might utilize returnable trays. Often, it takes trying one method to lead to the better one. Without due-diligence in the development phase, it is easy to miss substantial savings in time, money or safety. In that case, “The good becomes the enemy of the best.”

When cost optimization matters, we can help.

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