Rotationally Adjustable Electrical Connector Assembly

Granted on April 12, 2011
Inventors: Troy Schweitzer and John Taller

“An electrical connector assembly that includes an adjustment collar and a body having an interior volume. The collar defines a passage that is in communication with the interior volume of the body when the collar is engaged with the body. The collar can be rotated relative to the body and can also be fixed to the body with a locking member. The adjustment collar has a helical thread that engages an electrical connector. Wiring extending through the body can be conductively engaged with the electrical connector. The engagement between the collar and the body allows the rotational position of the electrical connecter relative to the body to be easily adjusted and then fixed in place by rotation and the subsequent fixation of the adjustment collar. A cooperating electrical connector can be detachably engaged with the electrical connector. A coupling member can be used to secure the cooperating electrical connector.” Patent number 7,922,511

Electrical Connector With Slide Mounted Adaptor

Granted on March 1, 2011
Inventors: Troy Schweitzer and John Taller

“An electrical connector including a body, an insert, an adaptor and a cap. The body has a passage extending between first and second openings and an open-ended slot extending from the second opening. The adaptor has a hollow stem and a mounting section that slides into the slot to mount the adaptor to the body. An insert having electrical contacts extending therethrough is positioned within the passage. Wires extending through the hollow stem are conductively engaged with the contacts on the insert. A cap closes the second opening. A spacer can be positioned between the cap and insert to securely hold the insert between the stop surface and spacer. A method of assembling the electrical connector is also disclosed.” Patent number 7,896,687