Interconnects and Routing: The "Oops" Factor

Whether part of the initial design activity or an “aftermarket” solution, where harness and cabling are required, it’s often the most overlooked and arguably one of the most important, aspects of system integration.

Where to route and how seems to be the last order of business when joining “BOX A” to "BOX B” where often space requirements have been consumed by the primary system components and structure…translate: “Now where do I plug this in and do I have room to do so?”

eXcellons’ Solution: LO-PRO (Low Profile) Connector adapter is a transitional piece of hardware that provides several key features once that “Oops” is realized.

Solution 1

Our patented two-piece design consisting of a Body and Collar is scalable to virtually all circular connectors in the market. The “Collar” can be manufactured to provide the lowest possible profile height or extended to a custom interface profile height where required.

Solution 2

The rotationally adjustable feature of the design allows for keyway set points to be infinitely positioned about 360 degrees. Utilizing the three set screws to “lock” the connector keyway position during cable assembly or adjusting the cable routing in the field for an aftermarket installation. By loosening the set screws the body (with the cable exiting) can be positioned to route where it “fits”. Once set, simply re-tighten the set screws and it’s locked into position.

Solution 3

Because the collar and body are separate, the collar can be threaded onto the circular connector and secured (torqued) prior to making the solder (or crimp) attachments. Once the interfaces to the connector are complete, the wire bundle can be reversed back through the body with no stresses placed on the terminations/attachments.

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