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For the first 9 years of business, we operated exclusively out of a single 27,000 square foot location in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 2010 when we purchased General Electric's DC motor and Tachometer business located on the east side of Fort Wayne in the "International Park", that became our second location.

Our downtown Fort Wayne location is on Sherman Blvd, and houses our wiring harnesses, sensor and cable assemblies business while the International Park location houses our recently acquired DC motor and Tachometer business.

Sherman Blvd. Equipment List
Komax Gamma 333 Wire Prep Machine (Dual End Termination w/ Grommet Installation Capability)
Komax Gamma 255 Wire Prep Machine (Dual End Termination w/ Tinning Capability)
Schleuniger 9300 & 9320 Wire Prep Machines
Schleuniger OC3950 Tubing Prep Machine
Spectrum Sienna 300 Series Laser Stripper
Semi-Automatic Termination Presses including Tyco G Press with Crimp Quality Monitor
Wire, Cable and Coax Prep Machines including Schleuniger Model CS5400, CS5500 & JS8300
Cincinnati Milicron 165 Ton Horizontal Injection Molding Machine
Cincinnati Milicron 70 Ton Shuttle Table Injection Molding Machine
Autojector 75 Ton Rotary Table Injection Molding Machines
Trueblood 15 Ton Shuttle Table Injection Molding Machine
Optimel 100 Macromelt Molding Processing Equipment
Horizon & Cirrus AC/DC Hi-Pot, Insulation Resistance Harness/Cable Testers
Cosmo Leak Testers
Custom Variable Magnetizer
Bridgeport Mill Machine
Branson Ultraweld MWX-100 Ultrasonic Spot Welder
Sunstone Resistance Spot Welder
cab A4+M/300 Label Printer
Thermal Cycle Chamber

International Park Equipment List

Sundstrand Shell Lathe
Taylor Winfield Spot Welder
Arc Welding Bench
40 Ton Punch Press
Oven Varnish Bake Out
Hydraulic Coil Form Presses
Coil Tape Machine Table
Compensating Winder
Amp Machines
Stephen Coil Winder
Stator Core OD Grinder
Quincy Oven
Stator Epoxy Assy. Bench
Dri-Quick Infra-red Oven
Jigger Winder
Nameplate Engraver
Slaughter Hi-Pots
Instapack Speedy Packer
Automation Engineering Full Load Test
Mechaneer Winder & Dereeler
Possis dual flyer Armature Winder
Odwara Armature Slot Cell Insulator
Joyal Commutator Slotter
Roto-Scope Armature tester
Joyal Armature Fuser
Leblond Lathe
Vahalla Digital Ohm meter
Magnetizer, 3-Pole
Hardinge Lathe
Tru-Tool Diamond Turn Lathes
Hofmann Balance Machine
Whitney Undercutter
Norton Shaft Grinder
Automation Engineering Production
Paint Booth
Paint Drying Oven
Shambough PY BC tachometer test station
Automation Engineering Stator Tester
3 Monarch Mentalist Lathe
Monarch Medallion Lathe
Leblond Regal Lathe
Monarch VMC 45
Mori Seiki lathe w/ bar loader
Commutator Profiler
2 Brothers Drill Tapping Machines

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