16 October 2014
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16 October 2014,

Tomorrow’s Growth is Everything!

At Excellon Technologies, we take the growth of the company very seriously!

The Executive team is enthusiastically engaged in a mentoring process that ensures seamless leadership transitions and cultural stability for generations to come.

The old “economies of scale” model for profitability is ineffective with today’s short product life cycles. We choose to serve emerging markets with emerging technologies and fresh paths of communication. The nimble skill sets we have gained position us well to add diversity while eliminating the symptoms of complacency such as “coasting.” We find ourselves energized by our own creativity. Frankly, work is just more fun!

Our team is engaged in multiple, weekly “think tank” sessions. These result in growing a “market-basket” filled with attractive, problem-solving products that enhance and effectively diversify our business. Team spirit is blossoming as we experience new and exciting working relationships. Respectful communication skills emerge; managers are born; future leaders arise.

Through cultural mentoring, every member of our team grows to and beyond their personal vision and recognized potential.


We are preparing for the future by engaging in routine, on-the-floor training sessions with the next two generations of leadership.

The following individuals have displayed solid commitment, dedication and attention to detail. They are being mentored into Excellon Technologies, Inc. “Leaders Now and Honorable Mentors of the Future”.

Kelli Bryant – Officer and Board Secretary, understudy into the President’s position.

Troy Schweitzer – Director of Sales, understudy into the General Manager’s position.

Todd Miller – Quality Manager, understudy into the Director of Operation’s position.

Nate Hitzeman – Engineer, understudy into the Engineering Manager’s position.

Alberto Barbalena – Wire Prep and Harness Build Cell Leader, understudy into the Plant Manager position of Harness and Sensor departments.

Paula VanLue – Purchasing, understudy for Master Scheduler and Purchasing.

Wendy Erks – Staff Accountant, understudy for MRP Manager and Inventory Control.

Kim Cepeda – Administrative Assistant, understudy as Director of Finance.

In addition, our growth this year has allowed us to add a number of new, talented employees onto our ever-growing team:

Cullen Bryant – DC Motors Plant Manager

Greg Milentis – Director of Sales

Randy Meyer – Engineer, understudy for Quality Manager.

I am pleased to see the current and future growth within this initiative. We are embracing this process and celebrating the observed, blossoming individuals. The future is now!

Claude Sparks,

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