21 May 2013
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21 May 2013,

Have You Ever Seen a Motor Roasted in an Oven?

(Hint: Some motor shops do it to melt the varnish off the wiring)

Read below for more dirty little secrets of some motor service shops

There’s a dirty little secret that you don’t know about.

When you send in your company’s motors to a service shop for maintenance, you don’t know what you’re getting back. You’d think they would be sending you the same OEM parts as the original motor, built 1:1 to original specs, right?


When a motor goes to a service shop you never know exactly what you will be getting back. The truth is that you may be getting a good motor back, and you may be getting a motor that has, to put it bluntly, been chopped up and patched back together.

Imagine the following scenario…

You send in your motors to get reworked. If they have to change the armature, they may not have the exact replacement that is needed. They’ll decide to modify the end shields to compensate. Except instead of putting new end shields on the motor, they’ll bore out the end shield bearing pocket, put a sleeve in it and re-bore the sleeve so that it fits. While that patchwork solution MAY work for resizing purposes, you aren’t guaranteed to get perfect alignment of all the motor parts. The sleeve may not be in perfect alignment with the end shield, which causes the armature to be ever so slightly out of axial alignment.

When it comes to a matter of literally thousandths of an inch making the difference between proper motor functioning and extra motor stress (leading to premature failure and another bill from the service shop!), having new end shields can guarantee perfect alignment of critical parts. Your motor service shop may not have the capability to manufacture new end shields for that particular motor, and even if they can manufacture end shields on location, they may not have the original documentation to make a perfect replacement!

Sliding Motors in an Oven?

What about the wiring? When the copper wiring is properly wound together, a layer of varnish is applied in order to seal everything together. So what happens when a service shop needs to access the wiring inside? Often they will put the whole motor in an oven to heat the varnish up hot enough so that in can properly be pulled apart.

Heating the varnish to pull it apart seems like a great idea at first, except heating up the copper wiring in this way causes serious performance degradation when everything is reassembled. It may test fine when it’s all been assembled, but you’ve just accelerated your path to motor burn out, which means another trip to the service shop for that motor, and more billable service work on the motor.

The Importance of Premium Bearings

Not everyone uses premium SKF (the absolute top of the line) bearings in their motors. Most of the service shops use cheaper, less precise bearings in their motors. When you use the cheap stuff, it pads the service shop’s margins but the risk of premature bearing failure increases.

The Nightmare of Stubbing a Shaft

What if the motor needs a brand new shaft? Some of these shops (as insane as it is) will cut the shaft off, drill holes in the shaft, press a small diameter pin inside it and then fit a shaft extension on it. Some of the shops don’t even weld the shaft and shaft extension together! Just another way to cut corners when they can’t (or don’t want to) create brand new, 1:1 replacements of the original motor that you sent in!

Perhaps the worst part of modifying the shaft by just “stubbing” it in this fashion is that it can create a safety issue depending on your application.

These lower quality motors now pose a greater risk of part failure. In mission-critical applications (which we deal with daily), this can mean lawsuits or increased insurance and additional maintenance costs, not to mention downtime.

You’re being ripped off… because, let’s face it: it’s not a repair, it’s a refurb, rubbish to be more precise.

The truth is that there is only one company in the world that can offer true repairs: Excellon Technologies. We have the complete GE line which includes 56 frame wound field, series, shunt, and compound motors with 1.5 to 6 inch armature fractional horsepower motors, and 70 frame (robust, heavy, industrial quality) fractional horsepower motors which are also available in wound field, series, shunt and compound form.

We are the ONLY company with GE-created documentation, operating on authentic GE upgraded equipment, testing to original GE standards.

We want to be your long term partner. We provide a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and we’ll give you a repair estimate (cost and time) before any billable service begins. No obligation, no annoying sales pitches, just good solid information on how we can help you maintain your motors at the optimal level.

We ONLY replace motor and tachometer components for purposes of life enhancement, heightened efficiency, noise-reduction, signal strength, and purity. We are the ONLY rebuild operation that will meet new product standards.

Reducing cost at the expense of performance is FORBIDDEN.

If for some reason the motor isn’t repairable or replaceable, our former GE engineers with decades of experience will suggest alternate or better designs for the application.

About our company…

Our award winning company is devoted to supplying the authentic (formerly GE) Motor and Tachometer lines. These Legacy products are painstakingly manufactured to historical levels of performance. Culturally, our internal legacy is preserved by former GE employees totaling over 216 years of multi-process experience.

We’re HUBZone Certified and we have an Explosion-Proof Certification. In addition, unlike most service shops out there, we are both U.L and C.S.A certified.

Need your parts in a hurry? Don’t worry, we can accommodate even the most urgent orders for an additional fee:

Expediting Charges:
2 Work days from order receipt: 150% of selling price
5 Work days from order receipt: 100% of selling price
10 Work days from order receipt: 50% of selling price
15 Work days from order receipt: 25% of selling price

And our production responsiveness is impressive, and keeps improving…

Our motors have ZERO loss in performance from multiple reworking of its components, and we stand behind our repairs with an unparalleled warranty: we’ll repair or replace within 12 months of in-service or 18 months after the manufacturing date, whichever is less.

We guarantee it.

So why not give us a shot?

Fill out the form below and one of our DC motors experts will set up a consultation with you to discuss your needs and walk you through exactly how a strategic partnership with Excellon Technologies will impact your business.

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