28 March 2014
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28 March 2014,

We are pleased to formally announce the joint venture of Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS LLC) and Excellon Technologies, Inc.!

MSS produces High Precision Magnetic Based Non-Contacting Current Sensors. They are also working on meeting the new Smart Grid needs for low cost, high precision, extremely small Power Metering Devices. In addition they design custom position Sensors for various applications.

The founder of MSS was educated at the University of Michigan with a Masters in Physics and has worked in magnetic sensor design for over 20 years, with 10 patents to his credit.

Until now, both MSS LLC and Excellon Technologies have enjoyed a collaborative relationship in supporting each other’s core competencies. Today, we come together to bring superior design and manufacturing services seamlessly to the marketplace.

For more information about our companies’ products and services, please contact Excellon Technologies at contact@excellontech.com or visit Magnetic Sensor Systems.

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