2 May 2013
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2 May 2013,

Legendary Reliability

A Multi-faceted Approach to Quality Management

Any company that’s serious about quality understands that you must take a holistic approach to your entire manufacturing process, from receipt of product all the way through post production tracking.

Our results speak for themselves…

Part 1: Planning

Without proper preparation, you set yourself up to fail. That’s why we invest so heavily in having the right equipment and the right processes in place BEFORE we start making product. All terminal crimps are established within our system using manufacturer recommended dimensional (conductor crimp height) and performance (tensile strength) criteria. Additionally, criteria for proper crimp characteristics are established per the IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard.

Preventative Maintenance

It’s not enough to have the right equipment. It must continually run at the highest level. Our operators and maintenance personnel have been trained by the Original Equipment Manufacturer to optimize efficiency and output. Preventative Maintenance is not a reaction when equipment is “not quite right.” It is completed by these same thorough employees. ALWAYS, PRECISELY, and AS SCHEDULED. Additionally, every terminal applicator is inspected with perishable tooling being polished and/or replaced as necessary. Every. Single. Week.

Our culturally-embedded, thoughtful, proactivity yields results beyond the dreams of others. Our 2013 YTD schedule realization is averaging over 100%.

Part 2: A Sampling of Some of Our Equipment

Part 3: Setup

Accuracy and consistency are of the upmost importance for every setup. Our automated crimping machines are programmable with all press settings completely integrated into the user software.

Conductor crimp heights are verified with calibrated digital micrometers. These micrometers possess SPC output which automatically downloads into our software.

We have a comprehensive setup approval system verifying all applicable terminal crimp criteria. Dimensional requirements are verified with our SPC output micrometers. Visual criteria is verified under lighted magnification up to 30X. Performance criterion is verified through destructive pull testing with results tracked in our SPC software.

Calibrated Digital Micrometer with SPC Output and Calibrated Digital Force Gauge with Variable Speed Motorized Test Stand

Part 4: In-Process Inspection

As important as setup is, it is equally important to monitor product quality during production runs. We achieve this through operator inspections which mirror the rigid standards and methods from machine setup.

Wire Prep Inspection Station

Additionally, automatic crimp force monitoring is performed on 100% of the product. Integrated directly into the crimping machine, the Crimp Force Analyzer (CFA) with 3-zone evaluation assures precise detection of good/bad crimps while retaining detailed records on errors.

In-process verifications are also performed for every terminal reel change and wire spool change.

Part 5: Last Piece Inspection

When a production run is complete a last piece inspection is performed by the operator prior to submission to quality. Quality then performs a last piece verification along with an inspection audit of all applicable criteria for the entire lot.

Record retention includes the setup/last piece machine tag along with the actual setup and last piece parts.

Motivated Teammates + Precision Equipment = Delighted Customers

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