24 October 2013
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24 October 2013,

Our cultural drivers for ever-improving processes have brought us to another reporting cycle. This element of distinction will always be present. For us, it is as necessary as breathing. Thankfully, we enjoy great benefits such as rapid and sustainable growth. Our Customers are delighted with highly reliable product quality and flawless delivery. Our employees enjoy streamlined processes, simplified workloads and Success Sharing compensation.

Together with our employees, we share ideas and pay close attention to suggestions for never- ending process tweaking. This multi-level communication and implementation yields a creative and morale-boosting environment. Our entire team is pleased to report results such as:

Schedule build realization has improved from an average of 86.5% for 2012, to 101.4% thru Q2 2013 to now an average of 104.7% thru Q3 2013.

Our internal scrap levels have dropped drastically. We averaged 1.17% total internal scrap rate for the first six months of 2012. Our most recent 2013 YTD results through October are now down to a total of 0.21%. This means we create scrap at a rate that is just 17.9% of what we created just one year ago!

In addition, the average number of NCRs issued every month in 2012 was 2.7. This average has now fallen for 2013 to 1.7.

You can see more about our relentless dedication to quality, including updated charts here.

Numbers like these are simply unheard of in our industry, or most industries. Of course, I am thrilled that our team is self-driven and culturally committed to never coasting. Our performance will permanently, continually improve. We are absolutely locked into a state of growing excellence.

If you’re looking for a solution in any of the industries that we operate in, please contact us and a member of our team will promptly respond to provide a creative solution that addresses your problem.

We are “Solution Specialists.”


Claude Sparks
President, Excellon Technologies

UPDATE: See our new and improved numbers for 2014 here

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