23 October 2014
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23 October 2014,

At Excellon Technologies, we continue to break our own records for innovation, production and quality.

We recently hired Greg Milentis as a new, yet seasoned Director of Sales. Existing and new customers alike express the comfort of working with Greg’s warm and enthusiastic style. The resulting growth broadens our business base. All of these benefit from our commitment to customers’ delight. Greg’s initial focus is to develop our DC Motor and Tachometer line.

In a broader sense, observing the progress of our succession planning to prepare the future leaders of the company continues to please me. To see how the leaders in our future are growing, click here.

We are excited about diversification efforts. Several new product introductions are scheduled to go live in the 4th Quarter of 2014 and the 1st Quarter of 2015. This fundamental element of our strategy will continue indefinitely. We have the patience to allow them to be introduced when they are perfect! This kind of on-going, creative thinking by our team will ensure a future of employment for generations to come.

I am happy to report the following quality numbers through the 3rd quarter of 2014 YTD:

Schedule Build Realization: 111.6%

NCRs: 0.9 per month

As incredible as these numbers are, we will not stop there! Complacency is not allowed as we continue to raise the bar on our own records.

If you have any questions or would like to harness our expertise as Solution Specialists, please contact myself, Jim Hawthorne, Troy Schweitzer or Greg Milentis.

Claude Sparks

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